April 12, 2024

Special young guests from Sopelana Institute visiting Polymat






On Friday, April 12th, a group of 4th year high school students from Sopelana Institute (Bizkaia) visited SardonLab.

Last year, they received an award for one of the best projects at the Zientzia Azoka by Elhuyar, and the prize included a guided tour of POLYMAT. In the project they are working on, they will use 3D printing with PLA for manufacturing parts, focusing on plastic recycling and reuse (MORE INFO).

The visit consisted of two parts:

i) 3D printing led by PhD students Oihane Varela and Jon Ayestarán

ii) Chemical recycling with PhD student Marta Mestre and Dr. Ion Olazabal.


We also had the collaboration of Dr. Nora Aramburu (Processing) and Robert Aguirresarrobe (Rheology).

Thank you for your visit!



The event was organized and coordinated by Dr. Mónica Moreno (Project Management) and Dr. Marta Ximenis (Organocatalysis).

Photo credits: Elena Righini