April 29, 2024

Fernando Vidal interview in Resources Radio Podcast

Our postdoctoral researcher Fernando Vidal took part in an episode of Resources Radio Podcast with “Toward a More Sustainable Plastic Economy” on April he 15th.

Host Kristin Hayes talks with Fernando about technological and policy options to create a more sustainable plastics economy. They discussed the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the life cycle of plastics, changes to the chemical makeup and recycling of plastics that could reduce the impact of plastics on communities and the environment, and international efforts to reduce the negative impacts of the plastics economy. Vidal shared recommendations for a more sustainable plastics economy from an article that he coauthored, which recently was published in Nature.

📌 Listen to the interview here!

🔗 Check the article here: “Designing a circular carbon and plastics economy for a sustainable future” by Fernando Vidal, Eva R. van der Marel, Ryan W. F. Kerr, Caitlin McElroy, Nadia Schroeder, Celia Mitchell, Gloria Rosetto, Thomas T. D. Chen, Richard M. Bailey, Cameron Hepburn, Catherine Redgwell, and Charlotte K. Williams.

Thank you for sharing your work and your opinion, Fernardo! We are looking forward for the next developments!