May 17, 2024

πŸ”œ Pint of Science in Donostia

The international scientific dissemination festival took place from 13 to 15 May in 25 different countries all over the world, where city-bars became improvised laboratories to showcase the latest scientific advances.Β In Donostia/San Sebastian, Pint of Science was held in the bars Alboka, Amuitz, Errotatxo, Mala Gissona and Manuel (Errenteria), with a total of 30 talks on different fields of interest: nanotechnology, 3D printing, physics, neuroscience and language, nature and sustainability.

We are so proud for participating in the event with volunteering researchers from SardonLab group! In the organization: Xabier Lopez de Pariza, Flore Kilens, Gabriela Garbonova, Ane Olazabal y Marta Ximesis.Β  Presenting: Guilleum Seychal y Marco Caliari,Β  Jon Ayestaran y Oihane Varela, Claire Morand y Bige Bati.

Discover more in Pint of Science official website!

About Pint of Science…

This festival was born in May 2013 in the United Kingdom when researchers Michael Mostkin and Praveen Paul organized an event in their laboratories in order to show the research they were doing to people affected by different mental illnesses. They saw for themselves the great impact it had on those patients, and thought, β€œIf people go to labs…. why not take science to the place where people are, the bars? Little did they know that a few years later, their idea would travel around the world, being held simultaneously in 2024 in the 5 continents, with 25 participating countries.

The ninth edition of the International Festival of Scientific Dissemination Pint of Science is the most ambitious Spain has organized so far, with 850 talks in 67 locations. For three days, the most cutting-edge researchers on the national scene will share the latest advances in science in Spain. With an understandable and close language, any citizen will be able to learn about projects in the most varied areas: neuroscience, astrophysics, medicine, history, supercomputing, mathematics, economics and zoology, among many others.