February 16, 2024

Haritz Sardon is joining the RSC Applied Polymers advisory board

Prof. Haritz Sardon has been invited to join the RSC Applied Polymers editorial board members, as a leader in his research field.

RSC Applied Polymers is a leading international journal for the application of polymers, including experimental and computational studies on both natural and synthetic systems. Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, a not-for-profit organisation and professional body, dedicated to supporting the global scientific community, RSC Applied Polymers is gold open access with all fees currently waived.

It is one of the first RSC journals to focus on applied research. The RSC Science Horizons report identifies how the chemical sciences are key to unravelling global and industrial challenges and particularly focuses on how interdisciplinary and applied research can contribute. With this in mind, RSC Applied Polymers offers you an impactful platform for the application of polymers, both natural and synthetic, including experimental and computational studies.

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